Light in my life: Roger Wing

carved swans

During February and March, I’m featuring artist-friends who bring light to my life.

I met Roger while living in California. We were taking the bus to the Lompico mountains and both of us sat in the back. We struck up a conversation. I learned he was an art student at UCSC working on a Buddha carved from wood. He invited me to his A-frame cabin on a lake to see the Buddha and have green tea and oranges. As I was living in an old school bus on the dark side of the mountain without a semi-carved Buddha, oranges or an easy way to make tea, I welcomed the invitation. From that moment on, I have found him fascinating.

Roger is a rare person in that his mind is truly his own. He respects the source of all his choices, whether it’s ethical coffee or a piece of wood for carving. He stays aware of how our world is interdependent. He seeks the good and voices his heartbreak over the malicious or apathetic.

To find out more about Roger and his art, visit Roger Wing

What brings light into your life?

I have always felt the power and magic of Art. Since childhood I have been drawn to and sought to channel that mysterious force myself. I feel a rush of energy from looking at an artwork or an inspiring show. When I give myself over to my own creative impulses I can lose all track of time and work ceaselessly without tiring.



balanced wood


carved swans

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