Light in my life: Jenny McGee

During February and March, I’m featuring artist-friends who bring light to my life.

I met Jenny while living in Missouri. I saw her speak before I met her. She talked about a tree and made me cry. Not from sadness, but from longing to be like the tree in her painting, rooted in something deeper than itself.

Jenny is one of those impossibly charming and beautiful people who doesn’t know how charming and beautiful she really is. This lack of pretense only adds to the effect. She is both vulnerable and tough. With an honest heart, she is brave enough to submerse her whole being in the world of feeling and spirit. I know she will continue to bless everyone who meets her.

You can find out more about Jenny and her art at Azul by Jenny McGee

What brings light into your life?

For me it’s looking backward and recognizing the presence of God through the circumstances in my life. It helps fill me with light when I realize that I was never alone.

Light Of the world

Light Of the World

One thought on “Light in my life: Jenny McGee

  1. What brings light into my world? YOU! Your wonderful, thoughtful, inspiring writing. It is warm, loving, inspiring, God gifted – and I look forward to more. You do infact bring light into my world …. and oh yes, I do admire your knitting projects!! Pat

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