Light in my life: Stephanie Hibbert

During February and March, I’m featuring artist-friends who bring light to my life.

I met Stephanie while living in California. She has always had a star presence and a creative touch. I was her housemate in Santa Cruz. At that time, she was a painter. I enjoyed sitting in her basement room/studio, watching paint splash over huge canvases while I drank coffee out of a bowl. She entertained me with her stories about being a child actor on the shows I grew up watching like Dukes of Hazzard.

She encouraged me as a poet when I felt like a nobody and put my poems in her zines. When I was sad over a breakup with a boy, she told me I was too much woman for him anyway. Bold, loving and fascinating, she has a zest for life that energizes everyone who knows her.

Now she is a food-artist. You can find out more about her and her food-art at: Chef Stephanie

What brings light into your life?

Gratitude, taking the time everyday to see and feel the world through a positive, hopeful, grateful, humble and trusting perspective.

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