Fall blessings

Fall makes me appreciate warm soup, cozy sweaters and crisp leaves under my feet as I walk the dogs.

It’s my favorite!

Didn’t you suspect it already? As an introvert with an obsession for books, crochet, knitting and hot drinks, I’m clearly geared for cooler weather.

The season feels like a sigh of relaxation after all the heat and brightness of summer pulls away.

It’s contemplative. Time to look at the inside of my home and refeather the nest. What can I organize? What can I purge?

Hot chocolate never tastes so good as it does when I’m sitting outside, at home on the porch or at a Friday night football game. I can’t get enough salted caramel mochas!

I crave books to read while I bake goodies in the oven. Seasonal food for me is all comfort food, meant to put meat on my bones before the real cold weather strikes. Autumn means stews and roasted potatoes, apples by the dozen and sweet potatoes with extra butter.

Enjoy my photos from past fall seasons!


May you be warm when frost decorates cars
May your pantry be stocked from the fall harvest
May your home be ready for snow to arrive

Whether fall is your favorite too or
just a season to get through,
my fall blessings to you!

Tell me your thoughts!

What do you like about fall?

7 thoughts on “Fall blessings

  1. You share all my favorite things – from needle work to the wonderful, color fall season, to books and more books! By the same token I also love spring for all it’s new birth and color after a dismal winter. You are a kindred spirit for sure! Write on——

  2. I love all the photos! I also love fall – soup, sweaters, leaves – everything about it! It’s my favorite season. Have a wonderful one!

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