30 days to a better book

Photo by Michael Maggs, Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Michael Maggs, Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been reading books on drugs.

And looking online about how to keep sheep.

I carry a small notebook in my purse. Last night, I took it out at the restaurant and wrote, “She is so large that she can’t cross her arms. She has to settle for crossing her hands and tucking them beneath her wrists because of her width.”

Drugs? Sheep? Scribbling notes about strangers in fast food places? What could be going on?

I only have a few weeks to research drugs, sheep and characters before I start writing my first fiction novel in November for National Novel Writing Month!

Known affectionately as NaNoWriMo, or NaNo, this month requires writing about 1,700 words daily for a final word count of 50,000. It’s a community event open to everyone. Interested? Check out the NaNo site and join me! (There’s even a NaNo prep page).

Why do NaNo?

nano logoWhy would thousands of writers push themselves to produce so much in so little time? It’s fun to try! Even if someone doesn’t make the word count, any words written are more than existed before.

As my longtime readers know, I have two drafts of my memoir done, thanks to NaNo. Neither of them satisfies me.

My husband, Logan, suggested I practice pure fiction as a way to learn the craft of a novel-length story. After more practice, the next draft of the memoir might be easier to wrangle.

As I come from a poetry background where I think in a handful of words, a fictional story sounded like a good challenge for me.


Like the first time at a foxhunt, my trusty horse of imagination ripples in anticipation. The dogs are baying. The horns will blow. Come November first, we gallop.

During November, you’ll have a front-row seat for my first time writing fiction and be able to see my excerpts here. There might be sheep…or dragons.

Ready for the adventure with me?


Lord, today you offer us new things to try.
Stories waiting to be written,
dances waiting to be danced,
fabric waiting to be quilted.

Cause our minds to see what could be
and our hearts to dare to do it.

Tell me your thoughts!

What fresh challenge awaits you?

4 thoughts on “30 days to a better book

  1. Have fun!! I had been planning to wait until January to write fiction again but maybe I will write at least 170 words a day for NaNo. Maybe it will be like potato Chips and I will want to write more. You are soooooo inspirational.

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