Live your dream in 2013!

Do you have a dream? Learn how to make it come true in 2013 by using three steps:

  • Focus
  • A plan
  • A partner


First, narrow your focus. Let’s say you want to get married, lose weight, become financially secure, find a new job, publish a book and get a pony. Do any of these sound familiar? They’re all worthy dreams but focus on only one. Don’t dilute your effort. What do you feel called to do? Pick what speaks to your heart.

Maybe your dream is to get a pony. Is there a certain breed, size, color or age of pony you want? Do you want a friendly or mean pony? Sharpen your focus and write down exactly the kind you’re looking for. This applies to other ideas like finding a spouse or job. Will anyone do for a spouse? Will any job work? Be specific.

Describe your dream in detail: what you want, what you don’t want and what would be a deal breaker. This process will help you get to know your dream and flesh it out.

You should be able to say in one sentence what your dream is. When you have your sentence, put it where you can see it. Post a relevant picture as a reminder.

A plan

Next, write a thorough plan for achieving your dream. Without a plan, you risk your dream staying only a daydream.

Be extravagant with the details. Each action item should include the resources needed and a due date. A plan without deadlines is like a boat adrift. For my pony plan, I would include this action item:

  • Research places within a 150-mile range that offer small, young ponies for sale or adoption. Resources needed: time and Internet access. Due by Jan. 31.

A partner

Lastly, make a dream support team! Find at least one other person who believes in you. Say your dream out loud and go through your plan. This powerful step helps make your dream real.

Having people behind you will give you strength to meet the challenge of change that achieving a dream demands. Their faith in you will keep you going after your initial enthusiasm fades and you begin doing the work required.

Ask your support team to hold you accountable to your plan. Check in every month and show them how you’re doing. In an ideal situation, your friends will seek their own dreams and you can support them!

Going for it!

Now you know the three steps to living your dream in 2013: focus, a plan and a partner. Let yourself be absorbed into the pursuit of your dream. It will change you for the better. Action brings blessings. Make your life an adventure! Believe in yourself and go for it!

What dream do you want to live in 2013? Tell me about it in the comments!

i dream of ponies running