Halfway Through to Minimum Requirements

Hooking, frogging, pinning, blocking. Hooking, frogging, pinning, blocking.

It’s the halfway point of my certified crochet instructor program. All my projects are due by December. I still have more than half the work to do, so it is time to…do the hustle!

If I were less free and easy, and more exacting and perfect, this program would be no problem for me. Had I been following crochet patterns all along in the past 8 years of my crochet life, I would probably be done with the requirements.

I am learning a lot about myself as a crocheter and a creative person in general through this process.

How do you motivate yourself when you are in the middle of a project, not close enough to the end to see the finish line? Let me know in the comments!

The reason for trying

I got to have fun teaching a friend to crochet this week. Teaching is what makes the challenge of this instructor program worthwhile to me. Since my friend is a strong knitter, she got the sense of crochet immediately and knew how to use the hook intuitively. I hope she will stick with it and get over the discomfort of the first weeks. Once your hands know what to do, it is both a joy and relaxation. The early days are anything but!

Other obsessions, I mean, activities

When I am not making — and remaking — crochet swatches for the certification program, I have been obsessively making bracelets. I have made more than 60.

Logan and I are having too much fun as jewelry designers. If you see me with six bracelets on, know that I actually held back. This is my restrained bracelet wearing.

I have enough now to wear them up to my elbows on both arms!


We have not done much hiking this year, but we have been playing games with our animals. Our four-year-old Betta fish, Mr. Gardener, has one he especially likes playing with me called, “Sleeping or Dead?” I was convinced it was over the other night…but he got me good. He was sleeping!

Lots of luck

Please wish me luck on my crochet instructor certification as I work these final three months.

I wish you a happy start to fall — may it bring you both adventures and good memories!


2 thoughts on “Halfway Through to Minimum Requirements

    1. I am taking it on as a personal challenge because I want to learn the approved way to teach. The program is showing me how to do the fundamentals carefully. I hope to be more effective when teaching friends and family!

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