Use up the scraps!

I got the ends in! Success. I sewed in all the loose ends for my ripple afghan and it was the star of my show. I was happy to talk about my passion for crochet and knitting over the three days of the Mizzou Staff Arts & Crafts Showcase in May. My thanks to everyone who stopped by or supported me in spirit! (See a video tour of my table on Twitter)



It’s time to enjoy summer. We have been having our coffee outside in the mornings and listening to the dozens of bird songs. In the evening, it’s still light enough out that we can sit out at 9 p.m.

Wildlife: 4, chickens: 0

Some sad news: our chapter on chickens has closed. Despite the electric fence, the predators on our land took out the flock. It was a lot of fun with our poultry friends and fresh eggs, but that is the end of our chicken keeping for a while.

We are well outnumbered by wildlife living in the country. The other day while we walked the dogs, there were dueling coyote packs on either side of our property. One pack howled and yipped. Then the other pack howled back. I knew intellectually that coyotes don’t often attack humans…but I still wanted to hustle back indoors. Please note that I was the nervous one. Our Chihuahua dogs think of themselves as mighty coyote hunters. They were straining at the leashes to get into the mix.

In truth, they are inspiring nappers.

Creative focus

Now my creative focus is to use up my scraps and make decisions on the unused items in my life.

My current yarn project is a scrapghan sampler. I am using a stitch pattern book called Crochet Stitch Dictionary and experimenting with the stitches. I make notes in the margins on what I like…and don’t like!


Some people have a talent for using up what they have. I am more talented in acquiring. It’s a constant balance between buying the right amount and using up what I have. I should say, attempt at balance. My pantry, my closet, my scrap yarn bins: these areas will tell you that I am unbalanced. I live 15 miles from a store, it’s true. But do I really need more than 5 pounds of rice? I would make a great squirrel, hoarding away nuts!

I believe all the unused, neglected material goods in our daily life drain us. I have to look around at all that I own and weed it again. It’s almost a spiritual practice for me!

Next month I will go for the Uber Frugal Challenge again and eat up all the things and tighten up my spending.

This stitch is called Larks Foot, which I love, but I love Logan’s name for it even better: “Purple Drops In On Friends”

What are your hopes for this summer? Let me know!

My wish for you as summer begins is that you feel a resurgence of bright energy in your life. May you be blessed with clarity, good times and warmth!

My friend Aly using the scrapghan sampler as a shawl

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