Well-being and the woods

Fall is the time of reflection. This year, I have focused on well-being. As we enter the final quarter of the year, I reflect on how I am doing with this goal.

I use three main strategies for well-being:

  • Eat well for both mental clarity and physical health
  • Pay attention to how I spend money for my financial well-being
  • Walk at least 10 minutes a day, again for both mental clarity and physical health

What is it to eat well? I eat what I would like, but in smaller quantities than a year ago. Veggies are a much bigger part of my shopping cart and my plate now.

Every Sunday, I make a huge pot of veggie soup and then eat off it for my lunches.

Veggie eating is going well. I have never eaten so many vegetables in my life! 🥕

What is it to pay attention to how I spend money? I check my spending every day and consider if the spending seems worth it. Sometimes it is. A cup of rich coffee outside on a fall morning cannot be beat for sheer pleasure. ☕

Sometimes it is not. I had fantasies about how good the biscuit was going to be. I imagined it tender and warm, with melted butter. It was dry, at least three hours past its prime, not worth the cost both in cash and calories.

I have had mixed success with this part of my well-being.

I have learned about myself and money this year, so much that this topic is my next book project! You will hear more about this in the coming months — I would love to have your participation in this book.

Walking for 10 minutes

What could you do for 10 minutes that would refresh you?

With only a time commitment of 10 minutes, there’s no force and less chance of failure.

I am not making huge demands on myself to change. It is more of a gentle nudge toward better health, the same kind of nudge my pony gives me when she knows I have carrots in my pocket and I haven’t shared them. Even on the busiest of days, I should be able to get a ten-minute walk in. If I had set my goal of 20 minutes, that would have been easy to fail at. But 10 minutes is easy to do.

Best of all, the ten-minute daily habit means I actually enjoy walking now, more than ever. I have had a lot of success with this aspect of my well-being.

Most weekends, my husband and I find a spot in Missouri to hike. We have an incredible system of state parks. It gets us out of the house and it’s free. I experience a deep sense of well-being while we walk in the woods.

My walking/hiking goal is to do one big hike of 7 miles. The longest I have done so far is 4 miles. I hope to report back with success before Dec. 31, 2017! 🚶🚶

Until next time, here are a few of my favorite photos from our hikes this year.

May today bring you at least one moment of joy. May the path of your life lead you closer to love. May the green blessing of God’s earth bring you peace. ❤️🌿


3 thoughts on “Well-being and the woods

  1. Daily habits are a wonderful way to change your life. I have been meditating at least five minutes a day this year.

  2. Love all three of your “well being insights”. Will look forward to your book — however my 2 cents worth would be to include all three topics and not just “spending money”. Love your pics walking in the woods. I push myself to walk 3-4 days week, with lots of trouble. Use to walk with a buddy 5 days 3 miles. Took a bad fall, and had 3 not so bad ones. Now only walk in gym (which I hate) or at the mall. Tripped over sidewalk lip. Don’t sleep well if I don’t walk and helps keep healthy stats for this old body!. Keep writing! You inspire!!!

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