New room, new year

I love to have plenty of light, green nature and living things around me to feel well, especially in winter. Inspired by the idea of greenhouses, I took my Christmas money and rearranged half of my bedroom to become a sanctuary. Here’s how I did it!

It started with a plan. I drew something in my journal with my dream for the space.



Before picture

Since we live in a singlewide trailer with 1,000 sq. ft. for three adults, clutter is a constant issue. Our bedroom had recently become more “storage shed” than inviting space. I was motivated to make a change!


My first step was to clear the clutter, move out the tall bookcases into the living room and put away the horse tack in the closet. It’s too cold to do much with the horses in winter other than spoil them with carrots.

Then I picked up a sale rug for $20 from the hardware store to define the space.



My next step was lighting. I wanted the room to be magical at night as well as bright from natural light during the day.

I got some twinkle lights on sale after Christmas.

clone tag: -5760412162572977167

I also got some twinkle lights for my beloved snake plant and some crackle glass lights for the wall over where my chair would go.

New plants

I stopped by the store to pick up some new plants. I wanted a nice variety of colors, leaves and types. From my friend Tami, I recently learned than many of my plants are air purifiers so we will have the added benefit of cleaner air.


Some fun air plants!


A fuzzy Panda plant.

clone tag: -3640427933309948671


I picked up a chair and ottoman on sale because they were the floor models. My husband, Logan, had the brilliant idea to add a mirror so the greenhouse effect is extended. The mirror also have the benefit of adding more light.

Here it is with the new chair and ottoman. The ottoman can store an afghan inside.


Care of the plants

I made a notebook of care for each of the plants so I know what everyone likes. The book in the photo is from the 1970s. I got it from my sister-in-law, Lisa, in 1990 when I got my very first plant, the snake plant you see in the photos. This plant been going strong for 27 years!


For the plants that like to be misted, I added a piece of blue tape so they are easy to identify.


Enjoying my “greenhouse”

After our friends Justin, Laura and David were kind enough to deliver the chair for us, the last step was to start enjoying the space.

This was me the moment I first tried sitting in my new chair in my new space. Of course the pups had to join me. Happiness!


Now I have a reading nook, a place to write, a prayer space, a greenhouse to putter in and a welcoming room for a cup of tea with a friend. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of my new room.

My sister Laura always talks about getting the essence of a desire. I wasn’t able to build a new greenhouse, but I could remake part of a room. If this project shows anything, it shows that it’s not what we have, but what we do with what we have. If I can make my dream come true in a singlewide trailer on a very limited budget, you can make your space match your dream wherever you are and whatever your dream is. God bless you in the coming year! May it bring you much healing, happiness and peace. ❤️




Thank you to all the people, animals and pets who help make this space so inviting!





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