Faith in the process of decluttering

One closet.

Two hundred plus journals.

Three big bins of memories.

If you’ve kept up with the Life of Gen, you’ll know that we last left our hero with a beautiful closet but a Very Cluttered Bedroom.

I managed to give away an entire carful of goodness to the Moberly Goodwill. Thank you, Moberly Goodwill person, for graciously accepting an odd assortment of items including: a leather laceup bodice from Castro Street in San Francisco, ten photo frames, a duck basket I originally got from the Goodwill in St. Paul and a 20-year-old plant stand.

Our trash collector was also kind enough to accept the extra trashcan full of items such as my wedding dress, broken hangers, my old paintings from when I painted along with the Jerry Yarnell show on PBS, my high school yearbook and muck boots with a hole in them.

Nothing nastier than mucking out a pony pen with holey boots!

In her decluttering book, Marie Kondo mentions that good fortune comes after we make space in our lives. After an experience this weekend, I believe it.

Letting go of my muck boots was hard. They were from my favorite brand. I have used these boots—my trusty horse care companions—for almost 10 years. Because it’s time to buy hay for the winter, I don’t have the money now to get new ones to replace the old. But it was time to let go. I threw the holey muck boots away.

Happiness is a barn full of hay (and a husband and son who helped stack it–thanks!)

After I give my donations to Goodwill, we stopped inside to see if there was anything interesting. What do you think I found there?

Hardly used muck boots in my size, for a quarter the cost of brand-new ones. I grabbed them and made them mine.

My new-to-me boots!

Like cleaning out the old hay to make room for the new, I still need to go through my three bins of memorabilia and make room for new memories.

Letting go of the old is a hard process. It is hard to trust that what we need will be there. But it will be.

I will keep on surrounding myself with items that bring me joy, like fresh hay and almost-new boots.

Keep on enjoying life and trusting that God will take care of you. He will!

God bless you, friends! ❤❤❤

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