The day I had perfect hair

Do you recognize perfection in yourself?

Do you have someone you could call to come over who would celebrate that perfection?

In the 1980s, it was clear how we were supposed to look. Two words: big hair.

It didn’t matter if you were a girl or a guy. Big hair ruled.

Purple super-hold Aqua Net hairspray made it possible.

Gotta be the purple can.

My hair routine went like this:

  • spray hair,
  • curl hair,
  • brush hair and
  • finish with a final spray.
  • Put a small travel can of hair spray in my purse for freshening during recess.

One day in the summer of 1983, the stars aligned. It was more than a good hair day.

I picked up the phone in the kitchen that had a curly cord and dialed my friend. Of course I had all my friends’ phone numbers memorized.

“Ali, I need you to come over and take a picture. My hair is perfect,” I said.

She jumped on her 10-speed and rode down. She agreed my hair was perfect.

Kodak disc camera. Photo by D. Meyer.

I handed her my disc camera so she could take my picture.

The day my hair was perfect

I couldn’t wait to get see my perfect hair preserved for all time. But I had to. It was the 80s, decades before digital selfies.

Next time we went to the grocery store, we filled out the envelope and dropped off the photos to get developed.

How we look matters less than how we feel about it. I work on a college campus and every day I’m surrounded by people at the height of their health and attractiveness. Yet they don’t seem to see themselves.

I recently read how college students are less empathetic than ever and how devices are changing the quality of friendships. I feel for young women now, growing up on social media under scrutiny in a competitive environment of looks.

I hope women everywhere have the experience of feeling perfect and the chance to invite over a friend who agrees.

If you need some help for your perfect hair day, here’s my tip. Pick up the biggest can of Aqua Net you can find.

Life is short but perfect hair is possible! It’s up to you to make the call.

Call yourself beautiful and surround yourself with people who see that too. ❤❤❤

God bless you today and always!


7 thoughts on “The day I had perfect hair

  1. I understand PERFECTLY! As the daughter of a hairdresser, my own (and lots of others’) hair has been of vital importance to me. Thank you for making me smile!

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