Three years a bloggin’

Happy third anniversary, Light to grow in! I started this blog three years ago.

I started it while I was in a leadership development class at the University of Missouri where I work called Chancellor’s Emerging Leaders Program. One part of the class included doing a LEADS assessment where you have peers, superiors, clients and mentors rate you and give you feedback. You also rate yourself.

Does that sound like a terrifying grown-up-style popularity contest?

I found the experience illuminating. I consider myself a small person in the world although I am six feet tall. After reading the comments and looking at the results of the LEADS assessment in late 2012, I learned about what I am like to experience as a person. I recognized I could contribute more and use my abilities to inspire and encourage.

I chose writing as my method.

I started this blog as a writing practice. I had few expectations. Knowing what I know now, I might have named this blog something that doesn’t compete so much with the “grow light” search traffic.

That same year I started the blog, I was part of a collaborative book with two friends, Six Doors to the Seventh Dimension.

Last year, I wrote a book called Creative Women’s Devotional. Thank you for making this book a success! Hearing from you about how the book has affected you or a friend strengthens me and keeps me writing.

This year, I have another devotional book, this one more open-ended and focused on creativity, coming soon! I will have it ready for Lent, which is early this year and starts on February 10.

Self-knowledge deepens our ability to give in ways that make sense for who we are. I still feel like a small person, but my fingers are faster than ever making words.

I struggle with doubts all the time. What am I doing? Why am I doing what I am doing? Is this how God is guiding me or have I become selfish and vain?

I put these doubts in my writing, as you know.

I appreciate all the kindness I find here on this blog from you, my beloved readers. I appreciate the deep honesty as you share your own stories in the comments, emails or catching me after church or a Toastmaster’s meeting.

What sort of writing would you like to see here for 2016? I’m open to your suggestions! Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, God bless you. May this year bring you new adventures, new places and new ways of seeing yourself so you use your gifts in a world that sorely needs them.

3 thoughts on “Three years a bloggin’

  1. Gen, you have most assuredly NOT “become more selfish and vain” ! Sharing your thoughts and taking us all along for the ride is about the most unselfish thing you could possibly do! Thank you for your many wise words over the last 3 years. Keep them coming!

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