Please support my new book, Creative Women’s Devotional

Creative Women's Devotional

Creative Women's DevotionalI’m proud to tell you that my new book, Creative Women’s Devotional: 28 Reflections for Christian Knitters and Crocheters, is on sale now!

I’m so excited! But I need your help. How?

You can buy the book

You can leave a review

I already have my first review from Amazon! Debbie said,

“The author has written a book that people of all faiths, or even no faith, master crafters or those who are all thumbs, can use as part of their reflective practice in daily life. The author’s writing is precise and crisp and because of that it is so easy to take a moment, sit down and open this book to any page and find a small thought that can inspire and center you. The writer reminds us that the simple small acts we do in daily life can lead to deeper spiritual practices. This is a book to keep by your reading chair or at your desk at work when you need a decaffeinated pick-me-up.”

Thank you, Debbie! Reviews on Amazon are important: they will help this book find its way. If I have 10 reviews or more, the book will come up better in search results. It will raise in rank and visibility.

You can tell someone you know about the book

I wrote and self-published this book as a work of love. It has been a big commitment of time and money to make it real. I started more than a year and a half ago with a calling on my heart to write a devotional. I want to encourage people to use their hands and deepen their sense of spiritual connection. Every single reader counts!

Thank you, Resa, Lisa, Tahna, Mary, Debbie and Laura, for your kind mentions of my book on Facebook!

You can enter to win a free copy

No $ for books this month? I understand! Stop by my website,, and click the Goodreads box. I’m giving away 10 free copies. The more readers, the better!

What’s this book about?

I married two of my loves in this slender book: my faith and fiber. You’ll read about how I slow down and use craft time as a spiritual reflection time.

Here are the encouraging words that two famous people I admire said about my book.

Victoria A. Cole-Galo, co-founder of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, said,

Spirit lead! Genevieve has beautifully written a devotional for prayer shawl makers who wish to deepen their spiritual practice through contemplation and reflection. A wonderful accompaniment to the prayer shawl making experience, her prayers and poetry will ‘knit’ their way into your heart!

Lisa Bogart, author, “Knit, Purl, Pray: 52 Devotions for the Creative Soul” and “Knit with Love, Stories to Warm a Knitter’s Heart”, said,

“Creative Woman’s Devotional offers lovely nuggets to get you thinking beyond your craft to matters of the heart.”

Thank you!

I’d like to thank you all for your support of me as a writer, an uninhibited public crocheter/knitter and a friend over the years, and for your help making this book real. I have a large acknowledgement section but I know it could have been three times longer. You strengthen me, you encourage me and you lift me up when I am down.

Bless you, friends. Even if your name is not in the book, I hope you will recognize my love for you in there. ❤


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