Making my Creative Women’s Devotional book: July update

roadside grass

During July, I’m editing my Creative Women’s Devotional book so I won’t be blogging as often here.

I love seeing my new book come together! It is so much pure fun to make things!

If you would like me to add you to my email list for future announcements about the book, please fill out my contact form.

How I make a book

On the nuts and bolts side, I’m using Scrivener as my tool to combine the devotionals.

For design and layout, I am leaving that to the professionals. If you got a copy of my poetry book from last year, Turn, you’ll recognize the name Amy Winschel who was my designer. Amy will be designing my devotional book this year.

A friend of a friend has drawn some lovely illustrations for it.

The cover art will be photographed by my son, Derek Howard.

I plan to get everything edited and laid out by my birthday at the end of the month. Then I can relax!


roadside grass

This is a photo and some writing I did five years ago, based on Isaiah 40:6-8


what will I cry out?

people are grass.
our flesh, built from hay,
returns to the soil,

and our beauty
is glistening summer wildflowers
in a flat field.

how long will we wither?
how soon will we fade?

but the light of our beloved
goes on

I hope your time is going well. Blessings on your summer!

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