A need to nest

the big oak

For many years, I had no home. I lived in rooms of rented houses or slept on couches owned by generous friends.

But in my heart, my home was knocking. I heard it. In my mind’s eye, I saw it.

I saw acres of green fields. I saw four seasons. I saw my boy growing up in God’s own country.

We sold all our belongings and moved to a place we had never been before. We knew no one. We had no job.

But I heard home knocking.

After a year and a half of searching, we found it. Our realtor asked as we pulled on the gravel driveway, “Is this your idea of paradise?”

Yes. We had found it. A small piece of land to serve as my sanctuary, my place to heal and my son’s space to grow.

I answered that knock.

I came home.

hands light across the field guitar the big oak puppies pouring tea

2 thoughts on “A need to nest

  1. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so home and sanctuary are to the heart and spirit of the dweller. Can it be that God sees us just this way? Where others may see a broken, weedy, rundown piece of property, God always sees the potential for God’s self to find a home in us. A sanctuary for the Holy to dwell. A place from which the Spirit can emerge and become ever more evident in the world. Thank you, Gen, sharing your light! Love to you!

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