Light in my life: Shanna Seyer

During February and March, I’m featuring artist-friends who bring light to my life.

I met Shanna while living in Missouri. She knows scripture better than anyone else I have ever met. She has the heart of a seeker. Seeing her devotion and hearing her questions has deepened my faith. She is unafraid to give it all to God, even her doubts and disappointments. She is a great sister in Christ to me.

She made the painting and verse for me. I keep it next to my bowl of prayer beads. She also made me a devotional I treasure, all handwritten verses in a book of birds. I included some images of the book.

What brings light into your life?

Then I will go to the altar of God, to God my exceeding joy…Psalms 43:4. ESV

The beginning of this psalm, the writer laments to God about how his enemies had been given the upper hand over him. He laments how he felt abandoned by God. In his frustration, he asks God to reveal Himself.
He asks for God to bring His light and truth. He asks God to lead him with this light and truth. As he trusts this leading, he feels compelled to go to the altar of God. He then boldly proclaims God is his exceeding joy.
Much like the psalmist, despite circumstances and feelings, God and only God brings real light (and truth) into my life.
I can rest in God and feel God’s light and truth as he leads me, as he showers me with good and perfect gifts from above. God is truly my exceeding joy….and brings light into my life.



Bird Devotional

red birds
orange bird cardinal

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