Beyond strong hands

Photo by Alanscottwalker, creative commons license

I depend on the work of my hands to feed my family. All day, my fingers tap the keyboard.

I use my hands for my hobby, looping yarn into warm pieces to wear or dishcloths to clean.

I struggle with my hands. Since breaking my hand in a motorcycle accident in my 20s, I’ve always felt the weather. Then I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hand in my 30s.

I serve as a deacon in our church. As I pass the brass trays of bread and juice, I see how many people struggle with their hands, too. The tray might be too heavy. The wafer of bread—as small as a fingernail—might be too small to grasp. The juice cup might be unmanageable for hands that shake.

As I see people struggle, I see others notice and respond. They see the need, respond to the need and show God’s love.

I pray that when my hands give out, I sit next to a true Christian: a person who sees the need and responds to the need, showing God’s love.

Photo by Dino Olivieri, creative commons license (orig:
Photo by Dino Olivieri, creative commons license (orig:


God bless your hands. May they do good for others when they are strong, and accept help from others when they are weak.

5 thoughts on “Beyond strong hands

  1. Since breaking two of my fingers, I struggle with my hands as well. I am grateful for all that I am able to do. Thank you for you words.

  2. I’m grateful every day for my strong hands, that have the opportunity to feel where people need to be touched and massaged to break up scar tissue, and restore normal motion. I hope I have the courage to accept the help when I need it. It amazes me that people allow me to be so intimate with them, to delve into their places where pain is held. I hope I can be that gracious when the time comes for me to the receiver. Thanks for the inspiration!

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