Staying warm

I’m thankful for heat. And caring friends. And heater repair people! Our heater has gone out twice in the past two weeks. Here in Missouri, we’ve had single digit temperatures.

Things I have learned about myself while in a house with no heat:

  • I would be a terrible pioneer, despite my love for the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.
  • I take heated bathrooms for granted.
  • I should keep appreciating the warmth of snuggling with my loved ones and pets even though our heat is working again.

Here’s a little glimpse into our life with animals. They keep us warm…and entertained as you can see!

Mira the curious cat loves every new surface. Including the top edge of the bed as we move it. She jumped up there herself.

bed bed1

Mira has dreams of being a professional organizer. She jumped in there while I was going through my memorabilia.

Mira squished herself into this basket.

basket1 basket

I don’t remember putting this away in the pantry…


Finally, from the outdoor animals

Horse Mountain

May this week bless you with a sense of peace and hope. I hope you are staying warm!

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