The hope of Advent: a question for the Christmas season

Baby feet by Genevieve Howard

Whew, what a month November was for me! I wrote a novel during NaNoWriMo that I’m excited for you to read in the coming year. Fiction was fun, so much easier compared to memoir!

I printed out a copy that is wire-bound and begging for edits. Nothing like the heft and substance of a printed book, especially my own! With many colors of highlighters and matching sticky flags, I will do some revising and then prepare the story for its public debut next year.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting my writing. Without you, my treasured readers, there would be little reason for writing.


Advent began this week, the time of the year in Christianity when we wait with eager hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This week in Advent focuses on hope.

During my Stephen Ministry meeting last night, our leader asked,

“How will you keep the Christmas season Christ-centered?”

I will reflect on this question and think on ways I can make it so. How about you?

May you feel a renewed sense of hope this week!

Blessings to you during this Advent season.

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