My best tip for organizing your house in one weekend

Genevieve Howard and Creative Hands
Getting inspired by the Creative Hands book. Photo by Derek Howard.
Getting inspired by the Creative Hands book. Photo by Derek Howard.

Fall is a great time to get organized. Soon we’ll be spending more time indoors. Isn’t a clean spacious house that smells of apples and cinnamon welcoming?

My Get Organized in One Weekend to-do list included:

  • Purge clothes
  • Purge my homemade knitted and crochet items
  • Trim dog nails

I started my weekend organizing with a trip to Goodwill on Friday. Maybe I would find something to help me organize, like bins or baskets.

Instead I found a fantastic vintage craft book called Greystone’s Creative Hands. It offered valuable advice like, “Remember, you will need to buy more yarn if you want to make the scarf longer.” (Italics mine. Note the use of the word, need.)

At home, I went through my collection of homemade scarves. I realized I only had 17. I didn’t have a single one that was six feet long, red and based on a pattern from 1974, as shown in my new (old) book.

I start the six-foot red scarf. Photo by Derek Howard.
I start the six-foot red scarf. Photo by Derek Howard.

I knew I immediately needed to get to work on it. I could use up my scrap yarn. I had two partial skeins of red. Perfect! I cast on and started knitting.

In between knitting, I went through my clothes. I decided I would no more than five of anything, with the exception of homemade scarves. Five dress shirts, five dress pants, five long-sleeve V-necks. My closet and drawers now only have clothes that meet the criteria (“Does it make me look and feel good? Would I buy it today?”) from this handy list from White House Black Shutters.

Uh-oh…yarn crisis!

Two partial skeins would be nowhere near enough. After church on Sunday, I stopped by the craft store. I knew if I was going to make a six-foot scarf, I would need to get more yarn.

Of course, I got two jumbo-sized skeins. I wouldn’t want to run out mid-project, would I?

Back home. Back to work on the six-foot scarf. I heard the dog nails click as I knitted. But this scarf isn’t going to knit itself.

My top tip for getting your house organized in a weekend? Start a project that uses your scrap yarn like I did!

I’m starting the week feeling really proud of my organizing skills. Good luck with your fall cleaning—hope it goes as well as mine did.

PS–check out my very special knitting assistant


Lord, help us to know and accept ourselves as we are.
Bless our hands to your service and our homes to your glory.

Tell me your thoughts!

What would you like to accomplish this fall? Any home organizing plans? Or six-foot red scarf making in your future?


11 thoughts on “My best tip for organizing your house in one weekend

  1. Sounds like a good plan to me. We just moved and took bags and bags of stuff to Goodwill so I think I’m good this year. Cool! Now I can enjoy a beautiful fall leaf season in a new place. I do have a 6 foot red scarf by the way, but it was made by my aunt. I’m only 5’2″ so needless to say I have to wrap it around my neck a few times, but that thing is warm. 🙂

  2. You now KNOW that red is my fave!! Gotta get purging myself as I am moving soon..,.aargh! Simple… good. Have a great day G! Xoxoxo

  3. How funny – I’ve just been thinking about doing a major purge myself. Your info and the article link you gave is exactly what I needed. Your post has perfect timing! No 6-foot red-scarf making in my future, but I do have a 6-foot long aztec scarf that I love. Happy almost fall!

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