Take me out to the art show

Thank you to my visitors at the MU Staff Arts and Crafts Show this week! Hugs to you all! ❤

1970s candy
Bowl of candy from my table: all available in the 70s!

I was thrilled to be included in the show and visit with everyone about the 1970s, crochet and candy. What a success! I don’t think I will have to bring home too many packages of Pop Rocks or Laffy Taffy.

My favorite? Each time someone smiled at the colors in one of my crochet pieces, or told me about a memory of a family member who crocheted. I heard, “My grandma used to crochet,” or “My aunt taught me to crochet.”

Enjoy a few pictures from the art show. And if you’ll be in the Columbia area, the show runs until 3 p.m. Thursday, May 22.


Lord, thank you for nurturing
our desire to create connections.
We splash our world with color!
We tell stories of work done before:
My grandmother made me a baby blanket.
My mother made me a sweater.
We realize it is hardly the craft that matters;
it’s always the people.

Stories and scarves,
photos and paintings,
are only ways to say thank you
for this time on earth,
where it can be so bright and
full of goodwill
when we make it so.
Help us make it so.

Tell me your thoughts!

What is an experience you’ve had with an art show? Or yarn?

5 thoughts on “Take me out to the art show

  1. Truly it’s the relationships! An art show experience for me was when I had a booth at Artlandish for an Artrageous Friday event. In walked my kindergarten teacher (from 45 years previous!) . How is it she hadn’t aged and how in the world did she not only remember me but both of my brothers! What a precious reconnect.

  2. and yarn….I’ve had a 40+ years love affair with yarn and crochet. I first learned from my aunt. How many miles of yarn have slid through these hands? How many prayers have been spoken into those stitches? How much love has wrapped itself around shoulders needing a hug? Countless and held with utmost Grace in the heart of God. I give thanks for hands able to hold the tools and materials from which to share God’s good gifts. Blessings on your hands, Gen, as they stitch your unique spirit into each piece!

  3. I did take a tootsie roll and a smartees….and i’m so glad you invited me! You had a great spot there at the end of the room displaying your works. When i think of 70’s crocheting, i remember a lime green short sleeve sweater from my Aunt Artie. It was so loosely woven that i was teased for being able to see my training bra LOL. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 🙂

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