What you mean to me

lizardYou can find more reasons to stay put than move toward your goal.

It’s too hard. I don’t know enough. I don’t like being uncomfortable. I’m too old. I’m not experienced enough. There are already so many people doing it.

I’m scared.

And the biggest one, I’m not good enough.

Starting this blog at the beginning of the year with my first post, I heard my loudest inner critic say in a snide tone, “I’m not a good enough writer. I’m not a good enough Christian.”

It’s a risk to go for a dream. I’ll admit to you, I wasn’t sure what would happen. What if, instead of a place for us with light to grow in, this blog was a ghost town on the web, just me and some tumbleweeds with the occasional lizard running through?

Yet I felt I had to try. Under the voice of my inner critic, I heard a calling like a melodious whisper that I wanted to answer.

Seeing what happens

What happened exceeded my hopes! You, my beloved readers, made this experiment worthwhile. You passed on the word about the blog.

You stopped me for a quick visit about how you could relate to what I said.

You left comments that touched my heart and emails that I have saved in my journal.

You said, “I can relate.”

You strengthen me. You bless me.

I felt less alone. I realized that we’re working toward common goals of growing our faith, our compassion and our ability to enjoy life.

This Thanksgiving, I’ll be giving thanks for you, my valued readers.

The critic comes every week. I hear that same disparaging voice with its prediction of failure and the assessment of “not good enough.”

But friendship and support are stronger, steadier, louder. The sense of togetherness affirms that I should keep going.

As hard as it is, as little as I know, as badly as I write, as much as I stumble and drop communion on my way toward God, I will keep going.

I appreciate you for coming with me!

Big Thank You Book Giveaway

Daily Guideposts 2014 bookAs a thank you, I’m giving away five different books. I wish I could give all of you a book and sit down with you over a cup of tea, but the budget wouldn’t allow it 😀

Comment on today’s blog and you’ll be entered in the random drawing!

You can leave a comment here until noon, Friday, Nov. 22, 2013, when I will randomly pick the winner of the first book, Daily Guideposts 2014, a Spirit-lifting Devotional. A friend at church recommended this book, and I plan to use it in 2014.

The fun will continue with four more books to give away on social media with my Facebook page Genevieve A. Howard and Twitter @HowGen, so join me there!

Good luck and BIG THANK YOU!

15 thoughts on “What you mean to me

  1. And I in turn thank YOU for sharing your enjoyable and inspirational writing. I loved seeing this fancy lizard pop up when I logged into wordpress today–but I’m still trying to figure out how he related to your post. Do lizards keep you focused and goal-oriented? Do lizards scare you as much as putting your heart out there in writing? Hmmmm…

    1. This lizard is making a special guest appearance! He’s the guy who would run through if my blog hadn’t made it and was a ghost town with tumbleweeds 😀 Thank you for the kind comment. I enjoy your writing–glad you’re my fellow (lady) blogger!

  2. The lift and light that you have shared encourage me !! Sometimes I hear nothing but my inner critic…..I think now that that negative voice will OFTEN pop up. But I feel more and more that I can quiet it and replace it with kindness towards myself . Please continue to write !! Thank you 😉

  3. I’m thankful that you are my friend and that you share your blog with me (us)! Keep on keepin’ on, my friend! We still need to get together for coffee – I’ll call soon 🙂

  4. I love your blog, Gen, and thank you for your inspiring, and often comforting, words. I also really enjoy reading your memoir excerpts – what a rich life history you have that is beneficial for others to hear!

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