Too tired to rest? 10 ways to recharge!

Take a moment. How do you feel? Energized or frazzled?  Research shows that one in five people feel tired at any given time.

How often do you tell yourself, “I have to push through this.” Have you been in the habit of pushing through for so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to live a light and relaxed life?

Your well-being is important!

I invite you to loosen the reins and let yourself have some breathing space. You don’t have to push all the time. Soften the hard edges and brittle places. Kindness to self leads to patience, flexibility and kindness to others. The more you can restore yourself, the more you will fill every room you enter with positivity and grace.

True relaxation helps you. You’ll think with clarity and have a better attitude.

A little while ago, I realized I was mentally exhausted and in need of renewal. These are the ten ways I’ve been using to refresh.

1. Move that body!

Get up and stretch! Breathe. Walk and run and dance. Shake off the dust and get yourself going!

2. Be in nature.


Reconnect to the natural rhythm of the world. Sit by a river. Immerse yourself in the fresh green fluttering leaves. Daydream as you look at the sky. Watch squirrels dash up trees. When the sun falls, lose your worries to the music of starlight and the background crackle of the bonfire.

3. Soak in a bubble bath.

Recipe for revitalizing after a rough day? Candles, something to drink and warm water to melt away your tension. You might try adding Epsom salts for an even more relaxing time. Warm towels to wrap up in afterward make it luxurious.

4. Feel the air on your skin from the wind or a fan.

Let the air wake you up! I love a windy day for feeling invigorated.

5. Nap and read.

If you can nap, do it! Bonus points for being in comfy pajamas. I’m not a natural day sleeper but I appreciate stretching out on the couch with a dumb book.  I like the kind where nothing too bad happens and the end is tidy. Everyone paired off with a smile!

6. Smell something delightful.


Jasmine in the evening, vanilla and cinnamon while I bake in the kitchen, fresh cut grass on a June afternoon, the neck of my horse warmed from the sun, musky men’s cologne.

7. Taste happy food.

What’s yours? I like the sharp freshness of oranges and grapefruit. Maybe you’d like a big glass bowl of salty buttered popcorn? Or a steak from the grill? Eat the food that nourishes your body and soul.

8. Drink water (and tea).


Most of us don’t drink enough water. We get sluggish and headachy from dehydration. Drink water first thing in the morning when you wake up and keep the fluids going all day.  As the granddaughter of an Englishman, I’m a lifelong tea drinker. I keep a tea chest close! For a super recharge, try drinking some green tea with honey and then resting for 20 minutes. The nap/tea combo will liven you up!

9. Pray.

Center your mind on God. Let the peace that transcends understanding flow around and within you.

10. Be a friend.

Invite a friend for a cup of tea (see #8). Enjoy a fun visit laughing or a more serious heart-to-heart. Whatever the kind of conversation, a good companion gives you energy. Love lifts you up.

The most important thing is to be a friend to yourself!

What do you do to recharge your body and spirit? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Too tired to rest? 10 ways to recharge!

  1. Thanks for this! One thing I realized recently is that sometimes I just need to give myself permission to leave my children doing their own thing for 20 minutes and retreat to a quiet, private space. (OK, sometimes it also involves a nap there too!)

    By the way, if you haven’t read Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, go get it – it’s right up your alley!

  2. Love these ideas! I never thought of wind as invigorating, but I will now. 🙂

    I do think naps and drinking lots of fluid are great ways to recharge, and I use exercise often – combined with nature. It’s amazing!

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